I'm a growth-oriented product designer based in Southern California—passionate about optimization, visual design, a/b testing, and healthy 
product development.

- Seek out and identify high impact opportunities
- Design products and features from ideation to production
- Solve for customer problems and business needs while elevating aesthetics
- Integrate feedback and data to design decisions


Books, podcasts, blogs, and people that have impacted and challenged the way I see the world

Soul of the World - Scruton, Skin the Game - Taleb, Every Good Endeavor - Keller, Abolition of Man - C.S. Lewis, The Bitcoin Standard - Ammous, Drawing for Architecture - Krier, A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander, Zero to One - Thiel, Influence - Cialdini, Presuasion - Cialdini, Richest Man in Babylon, Paradise Lost - Milton, The Design of Everyday Things - Norman

Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast
On the Brink - Castle Island
The Portal - Eric Weinstein
Stephan Livera Podcast
Wise Traditions

Why Beauty Matters - Scruton
Century of the Self - Adam Curtis


"Skyler is an excellent designer, and one of the most thoughtful people I've had the pleasure to work with. He is a level headed and supportive team mate. He is constantly asking questions, testing and improving design for the customer in a delightfully methodical way. Skyler is a modern philosopher—I haven't met many people like him—and hope to remain co-workers and friends as long as I can. He will bring success with him wherever he goes."
Chris Meyer Head of UX at Aspiration

San Diego State
BA Graphic Design

Takeaway: Hard work and exploration are essential to designing creative identities, good typography, and dynamic layouts. Want to see some of my school projects (PDF)?

The Control Group
2015 – 2017

Takeaway: Data-driven design is really valuable. And there are many blessings and limitations of conversion optimization.

Product Designer
2017 – 2019

Takeaway: Qualitative & quantitative insight are essential to building great products for customers and businesses.