Potential Value of Bitcoin

Right now (January 23rd - 11:49pm Pacific) bitcoin’s price is $32.7K with a market cap of ~$607 billion and a supply of 18,608,893 BTC.

Thought experiment:
Is bitcoin at least as valuable as Gold? Gold’s market cap is ~$11.786 trillion. It is safe and conservative to assume that bitcoin is at least as valuable as Gold. If bitcoin’s market cap grew to $11.786 trillion it’d be worth ~$633,353 per bitcoin.

Think bigger:
Really though, as the money printer goes brrrr, bitcoin’s market cap could blow past $11 trillion as capital will be desperately looking for inflation protection. Bitcoin will likely become a store-of-value asset class on par with global stocks and real estate. Which means the market cap could grow to somewhere around $100 trillion. At that point it’d be worth ~$5.4million per bitcoin.

We will likely live to see this.
Allocate accordingly.